Hanuman's grotto, Yetis

While the concept of trading hearts is really cool, i think that when talking about some of the actual rewards, they are not worth.

Yetis used to be a guaranteed drop when exchanging hearts. People complained, said it was overpowered, and now they have a 20% drop rate.

However, these pets have whooping 1k starting hp (up to 20k) and 17 base damage.
Their only purpose now is to look cool, they are weaker than most mid tier thralls.

I have some issues with the logic behind both yetis and how you acquire them:

The white yeti requires a Heart of a Nordheimer. How do you drop such item? by killing tier 4 nordheimers This means that you will exchange several tier 4 fighters, bench workers, for a chance of getting a cool looking, mediocre pet.

This also happens with the black yeti, aside from requiring quest items in exchange (which is completely weird, you shoudn’t use a quest item in a trade for a random pet), you have to kill three bosses scattered across the entire map, for a chance of getting the cool loking pet.

What i’m trying to say is not that they should be stronger, but rather, if ■■■■■■ wants them to not be too viable, at least make them a guaranteed drop somehow. It has zero PVE/PVP potential, its not more useful than a guaranteed spawn cimmerian berserker that would take 1/10 of the effort to get, why does it have to be so hard?

The suggestion: Make it so every pet boon costs a certain amount of its respective heart. Black yeti costs 2 hearts of the sands (this could also be another item), white yeti costs 2 nordheimer hearts, and so on.

This way the grind has some static progression, you know when you will get them, and its a conscious decision.

They don’t need to change stats, just make them easier to get, i see no reason for them being so grindy while being a taxidermied pet that moves around.

■■■■■■ is censored, what? Its literally the devs that make this game!

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Well right now does not matter Hanumans is so broken, maybe when they fix that next year or so it might matter.

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