Yetis are too hard to get now

wasnt that tweak a lil harsh guys? …cmon 8[

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Um, no.

And how are Yetis too hard to get? You just take the heart to Hanuman’s Grotto and trade them in. How exactly is that “too hard”?

It was changed to a 20% chance of getting the actual pet and, therefore, an 80% chance of getting the potion instead.
That’s what OP is annoyed at.
Edit: This is at least based off of the patch notes I’ve read.

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Potion? What potion? I have never gotten a potion…Ever. Are you on a private server with mods? Will have to try it out. Either way, Yetis pretty much suck. They’re slow, easy to kill and do very little damage…Mostly because they’re so slow so you can completely avoid their attack.

For me, they just look cool around my base.

Was changed in patch 37 and is outlined in the patch notes.


It’s a potion called Hanumans Gift. Before they were only acquirable if you put in a Human Heart. Now, there’s an 80% chance you can get them with every type of heart you sacrifice.
Has nothing to do with mods, it’s very much base game dude.

U might wanna look it up

Great… You didnt know about the change, but are against buffing it… :wink:

PS.: I also never got a potion, as I never traded after patch anyway.

Interesting. I just traded in two hearts and got a silverback and a white yeti. So odd. What does the potion even do?

Well, either you were lucky as hell or it wasn’t implemented correctly. Haven’t tried myself, so don’t know.
Anywho, the potion gives a random stat bonus, if I remember correctly.

Right, I’ve now tried in Singleplayer… With 20 hearts, 5 of each that have a possibility of giving a pet, I got 2 gorillas and a silverback. The 17 others became Hanumans Gift potions.

Edit: Giving it another go, just to try again, and with the same amount of hearts - all eligible for one type of pet or another - I only got 1 gorilla. Seems to work as intended.

yea thats one hella run for a cheap potion. i jist want some yetis to decorate yamirs shrine. whatevs 8]

zomg can someone tell me if the black yeti has this patch too???

The one where you need the heart of sand? Yeah, also same random chance. Good luck wasting heart of sands!! /s

Yeah ill agree with ya there, some of those hearts are ludicrously hard to get for such a low chance.

don’t forget to add a very low level pet as far as attacks go. Slow, and misses most of the time. But i can spam 25 deadly sabers a day.

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Yeah, Narelle and I tested and discussed this during testlive.

Black Yetis are definitely not worth 5 Hearts of the Sands each.


Yeah with a 20% chance itd take a theoretical average of 5 to get a single one. I mean, thats, what, 3 boss battles to get all the pieces? And a LOT of ground to cover since theyre so far apart, then having to go to the sand temple to have them reforged? Yeah, no, screw that yeti. Plus why the heck would you make a quest item a sacrifice anyway? Kinda breaks the meta since its a part of the keystone.

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