Hanuman's box doesn't work correctly

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Hanuman’s Box doesnt give correct rewards

Went to the box with 15 nord hearts and 15 hero hearts, ended up with 7 silverback gorillas…somehow the box isn’t working correctly or the rewards are wrong.

I went there yesterday with one nord heart and got a white yeti :man_shrugging:t2:

The box has been repaired on the PC and XBOX and works normally, subject to the RNG of what you get from the offering.

The other platform, the PS4, has yet to receive the update. It must be hung up in certification.

Regardless, since you are in the PC section, I can test in online or solo later today and let you know what I find. Sorry, but I cannot test officials.

The probabilities are shown here. The Nord hearts should never give Silverbacks. I suppose RNG could have given you 7/15 silverbacks and 0/15 yetis, but that’s a really, really bad roll.



Single player, admin mode.

50 Hearts of a Nordheimer:
14 Yetis
36 Hanuman’s Gifts
28% positive results.

Guess RNGsus was with me, thank Crom !

Online private, admin mode.

50 Hearts of a Nordheimer:
12 Yetis
38 Hanuman’s Gifts
24% positive results.

Still not bad compared to the 20% chance.

Good luck, but if you have that happen again, it’s too coincidental (and I think your results were also) and deserves tracking down. Sorry, I don’t have a clue as to how to help.



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It seems to be a bit bugged on official servers when you go with multiple types of hearts, thankfully the rewards work again just seems if you go with a ton of nord and hero u just get the rewards for the 1st heart type turned in

I have been in there with multiple types of hearts before and was afeared that something may happen, so I dropped most of them, turned in a few at a time. I would have to pick them up and re-drop a few times to avoid the timer.

It takes a bit of practice with something you do not want to determine how long before a loot bag poofs, but you actually have quite a bit of time to get stuff done.

I have no idea if my companion would eat them. I suppose I should test that since it would be much easier to store them in a thrall.

Glad you found your answer !



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