Hunamans Grotto Bug

Hunamans Grotto appears to be bugged, I have went with hearts of the Nordheimer and killed the boss in the cave, took his heart and clicked on the box to receive a Gorilla/Yeti/Hunamans Gift, upon clicking the box I get the message that it has given me these items however the Hearts are still in my inventory and I do not receive the Gorilla/Yeti/Gift…have attempted to relog with no effect, my Clan Mate has tried the same and the same issue is happening

Steps to recreate:

1: Go to Hunamans Grotto
2: Kill the boss in the cave
3: Take his Heart
4 Click the box to receive a Gorilla/Yeti/Gift
5: Check inventory to find no Gorilla/Yeti/Gift


Does #4 mean you put the heart in the box?
Does #5 mean the box is empty?

@Dzonatas @MrCaptainPickles went there with a friend yesterday he had the proper heart’s said he got potions didn’t get anything I had no hearts said I got potions didn’t. You might want to send this post to Hugo.

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Yep same here everytime I interact with the box it gives me the items but then doesn’t and the hearts are still in my inventory

@Elmicko91 seems like last patch fixed some broken others love the game taking a break going back to ps2 style stuff till fix need a break anyway.

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Yes still broken just did hanumans on official 3504 and click box after vanis the loyal killed and says I received rewards but still have my hearts. I have also restarted conan ps4 and my ps4. So hope that gets fixed soon cuz daddy needs his pets!!!


To clarify, when going through Hunamans Grotto, the box at the end is a simple “Click to Receive”, it does not require you to enter the box at all, you simply click on the box with the required item (in this case Hearts) and in exchange it would give you the Gorilla/Yeti/Hunamans Gift in return.

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Relax. You are right, but please don’t forget that thow we communicate in English for the most of us it is not our original language. So maybe we won’t understand everything or we answer wrong. There are several times that i was thinking Greek, i type English and i sound offensive. About your topic now you are totally right, i confirm everything you post. Thanks for informing us for this problem :+1:

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You’re right. I just tried it again. I didn’t try it with multiple hearts in hand, however.

I did see the the +1 Boon/Gift given back, and I’m confirming it is not in inventory.


Im sorry if what I wrote offended you, it wasn’t intended to be in offence. I understand that English may not be your first language, I just want to thank you for your time and support with fixing this issue :blush:


Thank you for your report @MrCaptainPickles, we’ve relayed this information to the developers.


Gros lag aux Obélix après téléportation entrée et sortie de donjon gros bug grotte pour obtenir des gorille gros bug impossible d’avoir un gorille yéti et autres le jeu est entrain de devenir injouable après la MAJ du 30 janvier 2020.

J’aimerais une réponse assez rapide car si je continu a buguer je dégage le jeu de ma console trop de bug tue le jeu. Et je suis dans un serveur pve officiel

This is still broken I tried last night and it did the same thing to me. Enter hearts message says I got option/boon but hearts still in my inventory.

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Actually, the patch from 26.08.2019 cut the rate of gorillas from 100% to 20%.

The chest in Hanuman’s Grotto will now grant pets 20% of the time instead of 100% of the time. If a pet is not given out, Hanuman’s Gift (potion) will be granted instead.

Did anyone get a potion, or did they just keep the hearts?

Same for me also Thrall disappears …

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Nope still broken…

J’ai tellement de coeur que je peux faire une armée de gorille problème non resolu ça prend la tête de jouer a un jeu bloqué je ne vais même pas dans les donjons ça doit être tt pété Hanuman a quitté la grotte ça fout la mort… c’est pour quand le retour d’Hanuman dans sa grotte je veux mes gorilles et yetis wech faut pas se moquer de nous vous avez sois disant fait une mise a jour de mise a niveau des plateformes vous avez pété mon accueil c’est très nul merci funcom de faire vite un vrai nettoyage des serveur officiel. Server #3025 pve tout cassé les grottes, téléportation, combat, donjon, et encore tellement de chose qui ne vont pas le problème n’est pas résolu et tellement ça me soul je vais quitter le jeu.

Happens to me as well. Do not receive any items for hearts at the grotto.
At least you don’t lose the hearts when you try to trade them in.
Imagine if you tried to trade in hearts, received nothing AND had all the hearts disappear.

I went to the grotto with about 40 different hearts. After a few trade ins I realized I wasn’t getting anything. But I thought I was also losing hearts for nothing, but fortunately that doesn’t happen. It took me a few minutes to realize I still had ALL my hearts in my inventory. Whew!

Yep I experienced this as well. Updating to the critical patch now to see if that helps but it didn’t list this problem being solved so we will see.