2 Suggestions on the new pets (Yeti/Elephant)

The difficulty in obtaining the hearts for the different ape pets is out of order in my view!
Withered Heart - Gorilla
Kinscourge Heart - Grey Ape
Heart of a Nordheimer - Yeti
Heart of a Hero - Silverback Gorilla
Heart of the sands - Black Yeti

Personally speaking the hardest to get hearts above are the Heart of the Sands and the Kinscourge Heart, shouldn’t these 2 hearts represent the “greater” versions of the above pets? I think the difficulty it takes to obtain each heart should lead to the following table…

Withered Heart - Gorilla
Heart of a Nordheimer - Grey Ape
Heart of a Hero - Yeti
Kinscourge Heart - Silverback
Heart of the Sands - Black Yeti

What do y’all think?

Lastly there are now 3 elephant variants in the game (Elephant, Alpha Elephant & Mammoth) Why does the Alpha Elephant share the same inventory space and HP stats as the regular elephant when it is much tougher to get an Alpha in your pen, leading me to believe the Alpha spawn rates are far lower than the regular elephant. The only thing the Alpha (More rare) elephant offers a player is the negative value of having a much larger follower getting in the way. Shouldn’t there be a positive value to this pet too?


No no no stop stop!!! Let me grind silverback gorillas to spam around the map in peace!!!

Jokes aside, I kinda agree. Who tf is going to use a kinscourge heart for a grey ape instead of on a telith’s sorrow for a t4 fighter thrall??

And I haven’t messed with the elephants really. Are the alpha elephants and mammoths spawned from elephant calves? From what you said, I agree that alpha elephants j seem like nerfed elephants. And elephants are already bad enough

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Yetis are creatures of the north, so it makes sense that it comes from the Heart of a Nordheimer. The Black Yeti is far too weak for the cost of the Heart of the Sands though. The Silverback is objectively more useful in combat. I’m not actually suggesting the Heart of the Sands should be required to get the Silverback, though, the Black Yeti needs to be improved.

For your second point, the Greater Elephant is currently the only “greater” pet to not have 8265 health. The Mammoth does though. I wonder if the intention was that the Greater Elephant and Mammoth would have the same stats, but they accidentally made the normal Elephant and Greater have the same stats.

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Yes all 3 are obtained from the same means (elephant calves)

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