So... I just got my first Yeti

I just started playing this game this month, and for the most part I am loving it. So when I got a yeti from Hanaman and placed the guy at my base I was SUPER excited! For a couple of minutes I was just admiring the yeti model and thinking, “this dude is gunna be a BEAST, I can’t wait to bring him out and level him up!”

…Then i looked at his stats… And my excitement utterly evaporated.

What the actual hell? Why is the Yeti so terrible in the stats department, especially for such a monstrous creature?!

Suggestion, maybe make the yeti something worth having?

I don’t know what dev was responsible for making the numbers for the yeti pet, but you should probably go back to the drawing board and come up with something more worthwhile. Please. Because as it stands the Yeti is more of a decoration than an actual worthwhile companion…

Sometimes developer decisions like this just utterly baffle me… He doesn’t have to be OP but he should, at the very least, be good.

PS. I still love the game, don’t get me wrong. :wink:

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Ya… fun of RNG.

And it sucks that massive rng hell hole to get one, then trying to get it to have decent stats gain spread. =/

Its not a bad tame not above average or anything… everyone I got was major lack luster in stats.

I takes me 60-80+ (even thru admin panel) for most Pets to get one with 70-80% In Str. And have never rolled any pet with 88% or higher. =/

I have about 290 wolves cubs done… can not get a most of them to turn to white wolves, let alone decent stat spread. (using right food…which in itself has killed me)

Enjoy yeti, there fun to have standing around. (online there amusing to have tucked away around corner) So when they do come out, or found they catch people by suprise. XD

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As I recall you will find that the frost giant pets not much better but very intimidating looking.


Frostgiant pets?! Didn’t know that was a thing! See that sounds awesome, but if they are as underwhelming in combat prowess as the Yeti, then they serve little practical purpose beyond a ‘cool’ look… A little disappointing to say the least…

Pretty sure they were “better” at some point and then they got nerfed into…this. I honestly don’t know what goes through the head of the person that decided that their current stats are useful, but good for them i guess. Just another useless feature (or pet) to the list, wasted.

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Yeah, they kinda suck statwise, they look cool though.
Before the thrall rebalance they were not amazing either, but they were better than today, they could use a a revamp imo, to be used only as base defense, or siege thrall, but that could not be as easy as it sounds :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope this isn’t a common occurrence. So far I’ve only gotten regular thralls, some named thralls, wolves (and one white wolf), horses and now this Yeti. The thralls and wolves have been decent so far, so I just assumed a frickin’ Yeti would outshine them all easily. Boy how wrong I was… Such a disappointing decision on the developers part.

Why I’m posting here in fact. I hope they look at these suggestions, because a Yeti should be a more worthwhile addition to your experience then they currently are. And any other possible pet or thrall of this variety, for that matter.

To get frost giant you must kill daughter of Ymir. She has what looks like a horn
She would be at new asgard by the shrine it’s random
Have heard she sometimes is found wandering outside the village

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Yes all pets, undead, crafter thrall and other non combat thralls need a major update and alot off love!


Right on, thanks man. I’ve been doing a lot of exploring up in the north lately. Haven’t found her yet, but i’ll keep my eye open for her.

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She has about a 10% spawn rate, You’ll know her when you see her, She’s got a good 4-5 feet on other npc’s. XD


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