BUG: B Key Stops Working -- Resetting Keybinds changes input.ini

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Issue: when your keybindings are made default, your input.ini file changes in size and content. One of our common settings is now excluded, which binds the B key to the Player List. So many props to @Leeux for the knowledge, under Summary below. It is important you back up your input.ini file prior to trying this for yourself.


Player-List Keybind

  1. Click “Restore Defaults” under Keybindings in Settings.
  2. Return to the game and hit B.
  3. B no longer functions.
  4. Close game and check input.ini and the “TogglePlayersList” line has been omitted.

Note: I detected this just prior to today’s patch, which is why this is posted here.


Thanks for reporting this.
This was a problem which started a long time ago. I don’t know if it ever got fixed, I gave up trying to use b to open the player menu due to it and haven’t retried after any patch to see if it was fixed. I do not recall reading in any patch that the function was restored.


If you put the line back in, it’ll work. I’ve had a chance to test that too! Paste this under the TogglePaperdollGUI line, for neatness. Then make a bak and keep it for when you reset.


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Hey @Barnes

Thanks for the heads-up, we’ll send it to our team as per usual and see if they can squash this problem once and for all.


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