BUG: Chests and doors unlock after server restart

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  1. Ask doors to stay open (not autoclose) og lock chests
  2. Wait for server restart
  3. Find some chests unlocked again and all doors on auto-close again
  4. Cry

Hey @Jengster

Does this issue happen while playing in an official or private server. If it is on a private server: are there any mods installed?
Thanks for your feedback.

Hello! Official #1307. After EVERY reset. All doors go back to auto close.
And what makes SOME chests unlock Im not sure.

No mods

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I get this as well on my private modded server.

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Still happening like clockwork after server restart. Really sucks when you halfed the door hp. Now i have 50 doors instead of 25. Its a pain leaving my base…

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Yup, get the same, gates that are set to auto close disabled and left open are closed again on server restart.

Official server.

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