Disable AUTO CLOSE not working afer server reboot

Game mode: [PVE#3530]

Problem: Each day when the server reboots / resets it also resets the status of my gates and doors. I want them open all of the time so have disabled auto close and opened them all. Next day after server restarts all of the gates and doors are closed.

Fairly annoying as I have very large bases that I like to let people pass through / explore and I have to re-open the gates and doors everyday.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Build a gate / door
  2. Open the gate / door and disable auto close
  3. Wait for the server re-start
  4. (Next day) All gates and doors are closed


If it’s PvE and want people to pass through, why don’t you just remove the doors?

This is happening on PC too (for the record), but not on EVERY gate/door.

Hello @CDUBFIVE, thank you for your bug report!

We’re aware of this issue and are currently investigating it, so we’ve forwarded the details you’ve kindly provided to our developers.

Thanks again!

I have found that if you pick up the door then replace and set it to the setting you want it will last.

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I tried this on the one door I keep having an issue with. It worked for a bit, but then I saw that it was closed after update 1.43.

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