Placing gates during Purges or fix the auto close feature

Gates close on every server restart, it doesnt matter if you have them open and disable the auto close feature, they will always close. I think regular doors remain open (most of the time) and hatches, but gates close 100% of the times.

Since this feature is broken and not reliable (even doors and hatch doors are not 100% accurate) some players remove their gates. People do that so others can walk through their bases/defences without any blockades, the idea is keep the way clear and only seal it if necessary.

Last night I was attacked and found myself unable to place my gates back, apparently the game considers placing a gate back on its frame an act of “building”. So, to help us keep our servers a healthy place help us with this problem. Either allow us to place gates back, even if we are under attack, or fix this auto close feature. I dont wanna keep my base sealed and dificult peoples passage.

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Is your server running any mods? On the unmodded official I’m on, I have a couple gates that I’ve opened and disabled auto-close on that have stayed open for months now (Aquilonian, if it matters) and the server reboots every single day.

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I play on officials, my base is surrounded by wall with 4 entrances, these entrances have a gate and a drawbridge.

The gates would reset to auto close and shut closed on every server restart. I got tired of forcing them open everyday, so I simply removed them, hoping I could just put them back there if I ever got attacked, but it didnt quite work that way…

But I will do some testing with them, that was months ago, maybe something changed recently and they actually work now. Will put some feedback here in the next days.

Our map rooms have doors on them that are always open, never have had one close yet. Official Server

I just tested it today, placed back my Reinforced Stone Gates a few hours before server restart. Kept them open and disabled auto close feature. After daily server restart all gates have been closed and re enabled the auto close feature. If some people are reporting a different behavior then its no longer a suggestion and a bug report imo.

Are there ceilings above the gates or anything like that?

Yeah there is, its not just a gate frame with gates, its a solid wall structure with double gates (1 drawbridge and 1 gate) and a walking path for archers. The drawbridges remain open but the gates always close on daily server restart.

I misunderstood the problem. I thought you were talking about the gate frames rather then the gates themselves, which I don’t know why I thought that. But at any rate, it sounds like they are closing when they shouldn’t be when you have disabled the auto close feature. It’s probably not a good idea to allow placing gates during Purges, but fixing the source of the problem would solve what you are hoping to achieve.

It might be a good to do a formal bug report post on this. Might help bring in some addition information from others who are affected in the same way.

Yeah, I will do that, thanks for the help.

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