Drawbridge open after server reset

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvP
Region: EU

Place a drawbridge and up/close “the door”. Wait to restart server and look as you home bridge are open.

So unsafety in this days :slight_smile:


We have also experienced this … my tribe member has been going crazy :joy:I swear I closed it … glad I found this thread :ok_hand:

@Ignasi is it intended or just a bug?

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Hey there,

It seems like it is unintended. We’ve heard similar reports with doors. Our team is looking into it.


its the same with elevators, they go to their “default” state of being up after restart to, doors are closed etc… none of them save their last state.


we have 120 drawbridges… as a part of our wall (200k vs (gate)37k or (wall)70k vs 90k(fence) 100k(foundation)) and it’s 1/12 more chepeast.


Please correct this behaviour. Drawbridges default status!!
It has to be “CLOSED” on server reset.

Thanks !!!

Close, but it has to be whatever it was before the server restart. If that’s “open - no autoclose” it needs to be that :slight_smile: My bases are always open to the public (since it’s PvE), and if I couldn’t count on gates/bridges staying open, I’d have to go without. I (and many others) also make extensive use of the public maprooms provided by generous people on my server, and in return I try to make public amenities (map rooms, fountains) in my bases available to everyone.

Just last night I had someone sprinting up to my base with a sandstorm on their heels to take cover, and frantically jumping around looking for shelter. An enclosed base would’ve had them die and me lose out on a nice interaction with a fellow player.


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