BUG Desert and Highlanmd berrys Decay in planter

Game mode: [Online ]
Problem: [Misc]
Region: [USE Official Server]

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Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Harvest Desert berries
  2. Harvest Highland berries
  3. Put in planter and they both still decay ( I have a green thumb :wink: decay should stop while in planter .
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That’s not really a bug, just don’t grow stuff until you need it, this isn’t Ark.

I disagree because all the other plants if have 100 in planter do not decay. drop a 100 berry plants and they decay and the only plants that do…

Hello @VRprogrammer, thank you for pointing this out, we’ll relay the issue to the developers to determine if it’s intentional behavior.

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Berries are food, they have a spoil timer, if you put them in any container (planters included) other than a Preservation Box with ice, they spoil. Other things you can grow (aloe, lotus, plant fiber, etc.) are not food and therefore do not spoil. If you put 100 berries in a large chest alongside 100 aloe and come back a few hours later, you’ll see the same result.

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Interesting if looking at it as food but never tried to eat plant will see tonight, I saw the berry as an ingredients and other plant ingredients do not decay… I still feel if put in a plant to grow plants should stop decay as like in real life the plants transplanted to planter can be stable.

I’m certain the behavior is intentional, but it’d be a nice feature to have, especially at the lower levels. At end-game, of course, you could just make a fridge dedicated to berries. I wish they’d increase the stack size, as well.

I wish the growing system would be a little more self-sustained. You have to farm [plant] to get [plant seeds], you can get more [plant] by growing [plant seeds] but eventually you run out and have to go back out and farm again. If I were growing [plant] it should also produce [plant seeds] as well as [plant]. You would just have to keep fertilizer on it to keep it going.


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