Bug: Fatal Error When Switching Items in Hand

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Whenever I am auto-running around Noob River and I try to switch items in my hand using my hotbar while also changing direction using my mouse, the game has a fatal error and crashes to desktop. This happens most commonly when switching from an off-hand items like Chain Bindings to a two-handed item like a spear.

By any chance, are you using the fashionist mod? Had the same problem, crash-log mentioned Fashionist. It’s a know issue with the mod, you need to disable the bindings via DataCmd Fashionist Config, so that the bindings don’t get used by the Fashionist system.

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I’ve had this too, thanks for the info

I’m just playing on the server, I’m not in charge of mods. But I’ll check to see if it uses that one. Thanks :slight_smile:

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