Bug fix update for the bug fix update?

Hey, so I’m really bummed that the Redeemed Silent Legion armor stats seem to be bugged, any idea how long it will be until an update can be released to fix that?

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“We are still investigating and gathering results. Some community members are also helping us populate the list. The results are most likely going to come out once the new hotfix is out. On the flip side, some of the items that were found to have had their stats unintentionally modified will also see a fix in that hotfix.
We’ll have more news once the report is out.”

CM keep to inform about those issues at this topic, we know that some items will be fixed. it is better to refresh one topic instead of making 10 copies

Lol why bother? as soon as they update their will just be more glitches that come along with it. Next if you use an iron sword near water and a shaleback knocks you backwards into the water, you will have invincibility.
I mean, doesnt anyone else see the pattern? lol

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