Also, the Thag weapons have gotten stealth nerfs in this patch.

it sounds to me that something that ties these weapons together in the data table got messed with and caused them to lose damage value… not sure how or what that could be but considering they are all swords that seem to have been hit there’s at least a clue there. i could be wrong on that but that’s just my thought

Apologies, my bad - should have done my due diligence, seems I’m falling into Funcom’s bad habits. With so much silent nerfing going on I was surprised that a new Sword of Crom with Master Weapon kit had less than 100 dmg, I was confused with Predatory Blade which tops 100 with Master Weapon kit.

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Yeah, I can’t believe they nerfed it to have less damage than the Pred blade then didn’t even announce that in the notes!

Because if they do not stealth nerf them, we Jump on their heads and refute the changes they want to make. For example The Nemidian.

Well, we noticed! And I hope it gets addressed one way or the other soon.

Hey there,

We’ve been investigating internally any items affected by changes that were not notified in our internal tools, and as a result, on the final patchnotes. We’ve been trying to determine the range of items affected and the reasons as of why.
Once we’ve got conclusive results, we’ll update you all with them.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention.


Appreciate your reply, Ignasis.


Any update on this yet?

Expect that you will not be updated until the next patch is published.

We are still investigating and gathering results. Some community members are also helping us populate the list. The results are most likely going to come out once the new hotfix is out, as @Eudas pointed out. On the flip side, some of the items that were found to have had their stats unintentionally modified will also see a fix in that hotfix.
We’ll have more news once the report is out.


This is a common with FC’s patchnotes. Players kinda have to investigate themselfs to find out what’s changed or not, it’s been like this since release kinda.

Like when they changed the light attack on spear, they told us they wont change anything with the heavy attacks. Said and done I investigated it with some other people, and yes it was changed. Not animation wise but they changed the speed of the full combo.

Mentioned that in one of the streams, and got laughed at. And told that they havent done anything with it. When they obviously had.

There is more stuff. But this example was the one that lost it for me, since they told me the opposite.

Thank you for the update :slight_smile:

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@Ignasi I read the patch notes from today. It looks like the nerfs to Venom Infused Weapons and Dragonbone Weapons were intentional. If so, could that please be added to patch notes in the future with an explanation as to why you guys nerfed something the community didn’t seem to be all that perturbed with?

Thank you,


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There is a letter coming soon with the results of the investigation, as pointed above.


Thanks :slight_smile:

This really does not inspire confidence. You should have version control in place (yes, even for your database). You should run a diff every patch and know exactly what changes were made. Having random monkeys flipping bits in your database with no oversight is not a solid development approach.

I am not sure who you are calling a random monkey but Funcom does have their own list which is compared to the one those helpful community members provide in order to make sure nothing is overlooked and everything addressed one way or another.


Thanks for the concern. However, considering that there were items that were not accounted in the database, we’ll take as many sources of information as we can get in order to account for the full list of affected items.
We have released a statement on this thread:

We’ll proceed to close this one. Thanks to those who constructively helped us look into this matter.

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