Weapon balance is all over the place

Note: Since writing this post some of the crafted weapons have no been given special abilities. Dragonbone - Sundering, Obsidian - Bleeding

What is the plan here?

Cimmerian Battle-Axe: 34dmg

Ancient War Axe: 36dmg

Dragonbone War Axe: 36dmg

Black-Ice War Axe: 36dmg + Frostbite effect

Perfected Steel Battle Axe: 38dmg

Hardened Steel War Axe: 41dmg

Serpent-man War-Axe: 43dmg

Starmetal War Axe: 43dmg

Acheronian War Axe: 46dmg

Note: Currently haven’t unlocked Ancient Lemurian Axe but I’m going to assume it’s not as much as the Acheronian War Axe as seems to be the trend.

Considering how easy legendary weapons are to acquire, you would think that Obsidian and Ancient Lemurian should be the strongest weapons in the game as they require more effort to create.

What’s the plan here? Is this what is rolling out on the 22nd June? or are weapons still going to get another pass before this goes live?


What is the durability difference? As it will be a factor now woth repair changes.

wont make a difference on thralls as they don’t need to repair.

and when it comes to personal weapons, higher damage output trumps durability in every sense, just craft two of the same if the durability is less.


It looks like weapons have been balanced with a bladesmith crafted version in mind. And that version still needs to be weaker than any legendary weapon.

As for obsidian/black ice it seems like they have no idea what to do with them yet and have moved them down in damage so they can balance everything else first.

However, there have been many changes to NPCs, with a legendary weapon it can take 1-2 hits to kill anything. With crafted it might take a full combo of heavy attacks. Some NPCs also have more armor so using a 0 pen axe on at 68% dr forgotten tribe person will feel really weak.

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Why do they need to be weaker than legendary weapons? Legendary weapons are incredibly easy to get before you even hit 60 and that was before the world bosses had their health nerfed. All you need to kill the Big Crocodile is two sets of stone daggers and some stone to repair one while you use the other. You can literally kill him as soon as you are able to craft the daggers and get yourself a legendary weapon.


Because legendary weapons are becoming unrepairable.

I’m not gonna say stuff isn’t weird, I have no idea if another balance update is coming to test. I’m just giving you stuff from the live stream and patch notes with some of my guesses.


Which might be an issue for players but thralls don’t need to repair weapons. A Ritualist, Thugra or Cannibal Brute doesn’t need to repair a 90dmg Momentum (which can be purchased with Obulous) and can absolutely melt most world bosses and dungeon bosses in under ten seconds.


totally agree with you, i do not understand weapons balance they did for craftable weapons (in regards of grint it take to acquire material needed to craft it) and in regards of how easy is it to acquire legendary.

started to explore siptah too, all special craftable weapons of siptah that need eldarium seems to be hardly nerfed too, which doesn’t appear to me a good move. especially when you know the grint needed to unlock through delving bench linked to rng drop.

ancient lemuian axe comes up with 48 damage on beta

Those are all craftable weapons. Just craft a full chest of each and you are set.

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I know that, but durability will decide how often i have to repelace, therefore more materials per dmg output. Technically, it easy to farm material replacenents for everything. And for a new player to server, less materials to farm means more time to fight.

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I also doubt balancing around thralls is even considered because thrall damage output is changed independently. Weapon balance is likely only considered around the player who can more intelligently use the combos, balance their stamina use and not have preset combos.

Because, to put it bluntly, people have been griping, moaning, and whining about how legendary weapons need to be Truly Legendary, and Funcom’s answer was to buff the crap out of them and make them unrepairable, because that’s easier to do than any better solution :stuck_out_tongue:

This change seems to have been made largely with PVP in mind (with PVE-C as an afterthought), without considering (or perhaps caring for) the effect it will have on PVE servers, where many of the players will go back to being their thralls’ sidekicks instead of being the heroes of their story.

But I’m feeling like I’m beating the dead horse, and the update isn’t even out…


There are a number of reasons why. The first is for lore reasons. Many of these weapons have mystical origins, or even inexplicable ones. While others bear curses, were crafted by gods or have been forged or carried by some of the greatest heros of the past. The in game lore of Conan Exiles tells us that these weapons are exceptional, and I agree they should be truly exceptional, and surpass craftable weapons.

Yes we have all heard this tired old trope dozens, if not potentially hundreds of times before. That is what happens when people have been playing a game and battling the same enemies for 5 years and racked up 2,000 to 5,000 hours of playtime. But I digress.

The second reason is this. Yes, world bosses are are easy, you know it, I know it, and every person reading this can ‘kill a world boss with stone daggers and a loin cloth’. Killing a world boss is easy [echo]. But it is even easier again to hit a meteorite with a pick, then dump hundreds of star metal bars into a bench and watch it spit out and mass produce hundreds of the highest tier weapons in the game. Moreover, while obtaining a legendary item is no big deal, finding a specific legendary weapon can be very, and I do mean VERY time consuming, when your odds are generally around ~1 in 40. It can take months of farming, often even years.

So in a nutshell, the item which requires more effort, resource consumption and time investment to obtain, and the lore states are truly remarkable, should be the top dog. Legendary weapons are finally back on top where they belong.

Yes while the thrall can and will make short work of a world boss (they always have with a Sword of Crom), 10 seconds is hyperbole.

I know that many PvP players hate the idea that that an opponents hitstick might hit harder than theirs or have a cool effect which theirs does not. But legendary weapons should be the strongest tier for the reasons provided above.


I am quite certain those glass cannon Darfari are not going to make it through the AoW without feeling the blunt force trauma of the nerf hammer.

They’ll probably make it to live, and possibly even into A2C2 if they are lucky, but I would be shocked to see people still being able to run them by A2C3.

No. It’s not easier. All of these things require you to be level 60. Killing a world boss for legendaries can be done prior to 60.

My suggestion would be for Legendaries to all have a special ability (like a lot currently do), but not higher damage.

They could grade bosses and legendaries by tiers.
Hard dungeon or hard boss fights would drop s tier legendaries. Chests from random word bosses, would drop less powerful legendaries.
It makes absolutely no sense that you can get a better legendary killing a croc than doing the wine cellar or killing the tortured king, a very hard fight in the beginning if you don’t cheese him with a bow, something that takes many, many arrows, not counting that you need to survive those black skeletons that can’t be stunned. Only extremely good fighters can pull that off right out of the desert and, if they do, they deserve a damn good reward.


as long as they take in account what is game balance (difficulty to have it or time to have it) it will works. only think we can say it’s actually game balance is not done.

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No, you can repair anything that you know the recipe to, without any penalty just like before so the repair changes don’t affect crafted stuff

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I have yet to hear about how this will affect the craftable legendaries. I heard we won’t be crafting any legendaries anymore. So are they all getting downgraded to non-legendary or are they getting removed from our recipes? I’m mainly talking about things like the siptah recipes. I heard the khari armors were repairable.

It doesn’t affect it at all. All the durability penalties and not being able to repair legendaries has been implemented in the repair kits / repair grindstone / etc.

The inventory repair button remains untouched and everything, that you know the recipe to, can be repaired to full without any penalties. At least currently… not sure whether that will stay the same.

Some things that were marked as legendary in the past, but are craftable have been changed to epic, but some got overlooked, for example the Rusted / Godbreaker sets are still legendary, but also craftable while the Chilled version is epic. You cannot use repair kits on the rusted or the godbreaker versions, you can use the repair kits on the chilled version though, however you can repair all of them to full durability with the regular inventory Repair button.