Lemurian Sword durability

Small thing, but is it supposed to have such bad durability? 270 is really low, at least to my knowledge

If not can it get buffed? I’d like it at least at 720, on par with the black ice swords in durability… Higher even, on account of the less damage…
Hope you guys see this and do something about it :slight_smile: looks lovely in my opinion, so i’d really love to use it, but the low durability really makes it look unappealing for usage…

Love the game btw, keep the good work going! ^^

Edit: I’ve noticed the spear is basically the same… Durability at 420, which seems, again, incredibly low for a weapon made of hardened steel :slight_smile:

I also agree with @Spookums. Lemurian sword feels like a sword made out of glass in terms of durability and weight, and we think we already have one of those (im looking at you Obsidian Sword). Its weird that Obsidian Swords are twice as durable as a sword made of of HARDENED STEEL.

I would place Lemurian Sword durability something in between of Obsidian and Hardened Steel Swords.

I also dont get why Black Ice Sword is so fragile if it is made out of a Hardened Steel Sword reinforced with Black Ice (such as T3 buildings).

Correcting these values would place weapons in the following order in terms of damage vs durability:

((DAMAGE)) <–Obsidian - Lemurian - Black Ice - Starmetal/Acherorian --> ((DURABILITY))

This is just my opinion and Im know this simple scale I made isnt accurate by any means and there might be other reasons behind the logic of the durability on certain weapons. But Lemurian Sword makes no sense :smiley:

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