Same weapon, different stats


I crafted a flawless Archean Spear and added a advanced damage improvement to it. It did 54 damage and had around 900 durability and the sack type icon displayed. I then compared it to one I was given. Again it was a flawless Archean spear. It was purple indicating it was modified but had no icon. It’s damage was 56 and it’s durability was twice that of the one I’d crafted. I crafter another one and it came out just like the first. Less damage, less durability.

What’s going on? I tried adding a weapon upgrade to the one that didn’t show a modification icon but it said it had already been modified. Why no icon then? Also, why do these weapons of the same name “flawless Archean spear” have different stats.

Very confusing, any help appreciated.

Acheronian weapons were nerfed recently but it only affects weapons crafted after the patch.

Yes. I currently have several spare acheronian war axes that do 59 damage incase of the disappearing corpse thing.

Nerf. That the worsiest way to add “balance” to any game. Same thing has happened to Silent Legion Armour: i have at least three different sets of those wich gives 904, 812 and 760 armor rating. I would agree to the devs if them make it even harder to craft but nerfing it’s values was the stupidyest thing done ever! And also, that armor can’t be made flawless so it’s worse. Now tell me if you can: what’s the point in fighting a boss to learn how to make an armor weaker than the common stuff??? Same thing for obsidian stuff: it’s very hard to craft since making obsidian composite is painfull, annoying and takes forever to be done, and, it’s almost same quality than star metal tools… What’s the point in doung them for gathering only two more crafting materials each hit and repairing it all the time due it’s lower durability? I’d never saw the volcano area so empty since they’ve nerferd obsidian items…
Tbh, almost every server is quite empty for now. People are getting tired of that much bad stuff, tired of the low quality of Conan’s servers and are just leaving the game.

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