Bug in the achievement "No Rest for the Wicked" || Xbox SX

I just finished the game, doing absolutely everything, including the torments, reviewing achievements that I could have skipped there is one in particular that I already did but did not give it to me, it is about “No Rest for the Wicked - Completed all Torments”, I have performed each and every one of the torments but the achievement did not come out

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Thank you for your report. Can you confirm whether you completed all torments at 3 skulls?

All torments need to be at 3 skulls (21/21) to get the no rest for the wicked achievement to unlock.

We appreciate your patience while we review your case.

Got the same issue about “No Rest For the Wicked” still locked. I did again all torments again one by one but it didn’t fixed the problem.
Although, I didnt completed them in one game session.

All the 3 skulls are completed (all “Sigils” are unlocked in equipement screen and codex section).

UPDATED: Just fixed it by doing again all the torments in one session ! (That quite long, but at least its solved for me).

I have the same issue, all 3 skulls completed so 21/21. I tryied re-run all torments, in pc and xbox but didnt solved, remains locked.

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