[Bug/Issue] unable to leave the first zone or looting scrap

Hey lads,

After the last patch (01.12.'18) I can at least start a game. But that’s it basically. Bormin and Dux are unable to loot any scrap or weapon-parts that are on the ground. (no icon for pick-up appears/ though it works with loot dropped by the first two enemies on the first map.)
Second problem is that they can’t leave the first scenario. And besides they can’t interact with the downed plane on the map as they used to in the beta.

I am a little disappointed that the beta was running very smooth and the release version is now having these massive problems - at least for some of us -

Keep up the good work though and all the best.

And here’s another one. I thought after restarting my machine it would work to load a safe (manually from the first zone, and the last autosafe) but after fading from the main-menu screen it runs just black and that’s it.

Best regards (again)

After another re-install the above mentioned problems are gone. Able to loot and leave the first map.