Bug - NPC loading issue

Game mode: Multiplayer EU server 1015
Problem: Bug
Region: Europe

A lot of times when I meet a hostile NPC my first few attacks won’t do any damage, the NPC’s don’t lose health and neither to they bounce back from the attack.
Just now I went to the Black Galleon area where my character got surrounded by 4 NPC’s.
I couldn’t get out of their circle and neither was I able to damage any of them, they however were able to simply kill me.
Usually when they don’t receive any damage I just wander around for a little bit until the NPC has ‘properly’ loaded in. After a few seconds I can usually kill them.
Please patch.


Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Have a NPC load in.
  2. Be lucky or unlucky enough to not load in properly.

I’ve dealt with this problem (and may or may not have died to it a few too many times :wink: ) I’ve noticed a 100% way to fix this is have them follow you out of their spawn zone. Like, on the Black Galleon the blacksmith area, walk them over to the bridge that you boarded the ship on. Works every time for me.

Yeah I noticed that works sometimes. However sometimes a NPC doesn’t spawn in properly and beside not being able to kill it it sometimes won’t even follow me, it just stays there and stares at me.

One of the issues seems to be if they stand under a tent or so. Seems they get protected by objects without collision.

If I remember correctly, the one NPC this always happens to is underneath or right by a tent.
The NPC that has a small tent just beside the Black Galleon.
I believe he is a Blacksmith.