Bug on isle sipath pc where when I start fresh, there are no monster enemies like alligators or pink birds

I started fresh on single player pc on isle of sipath. I chose my starting location… and there are literally no monsters nearby. What’s up with that? I tried that with different characters, restarted 2 times with different starting locations. What’s going on with this game? The thralls are there but not the monsters.

Testlive version 2.5 has fixes for monsters that can fail to spawn sometimes, though the patch notes don’t go into specific detail of what instances it refers to. If possible, test to see if your issue is resolved on Testlive (without mods of course).

Does anyone know when 2.5 will come out? Will there be actual new content released like a dlc in the future or something good? Not just patches or hot key fixes…

They said it will spend at least 1 month if not more give or take

I aint downloading that

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