BUG: Performer thralls do not cure Corruption

Game mode: [Singleplayer]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [EU]

my 4 dancer thralls (2x T2 , 2x T2) somehow do not cure the corruption acumulated.
I do get to see the ‘10 Entertained’ banner on the left side of the screen tho.

i have tried:
logging out and in
moving them further away from eachother
getting more

so far nothing seems to help… since the corruption isnt cureable by any other means this is slowly making the game unplayable…

note. Im lvl 60

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Get corruption
  2. Get performer thrall
  3. Place performer thrall
  4. Watch as nothing happens

Nevermind… Apparently the setting where thralls remove corruption was set to 0.0 …

Maybe allow serversettings to be changed when playing singleplayer so you dont have to start over again to tweak stuff like the amounts of purges etc.

On single player? You can change everything in single player, on the fly, in game, no restart

nope i cant… not on xbox at least

You have to make yourself the admin in your options menu first, but yeah, you can change all that in game.

How can you do that, as it isnt explained anywhere ingame :confused:

Almost nothing is explained in game; additionally, I’ve noticed that changes made aren’t persistent, if I need to change a setting, I have to change it every time I launch. I’m thinking about starting over now that I know how [some of] the game works, so I can get my settings right.

Bring up the “pause” menu, go to options, RT all the way to the right hand list, select the first submenu and you should see a “make me admin” checkbox

Edit: Now that I’m actually looking at it I can be more precise…bring up menu with select, go to settings, RT to server settings, in the “general” category you should see a button that says “make me admin”…click said button and begin your settings adjustments.

found it, Thanks!