[Bug] Pickaxe unable to gather brimstone

Tested it with all tier of picks as well. Picks gathering it just normally.
Pickaxe rarely gt only salt out of brimstone nodes, but no brimstone at all.

this is a bug it is reading the pickaxe as a hatchet first then a pick

I confirm it, I get it also (dedicated server)

Same issue on my side…

Same issue for me in single player. I was excited to be able to carry only one tool instead of a pick and an axe, but nothing but small amounts of salt get harvested from brimstone using a pickaxe.

Yes the brimstone is on resource that doesn’t work with pickax. However MOST of the other resources seem to work as intended.

Same issue, only salt drops. Single player.

If they had a public buglist, you could have seen that this was reported 1 year ago already and once every week ever since. But they don’t, so you reported it again and they either see this or not…it probably won’t be fixed until they made a billion from DLCs.

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If the Pic-axe was able to harvest every thing on the game, why have axes or pics? :thinking:

Because it saves a slot for both the hatchet & pick. With a pickax you can harvest both stone / wood / bark / branches all with one tool versus having to carry both a pick and ax. It also maximizes the harvest I believe, but that may have been nerfed. Plus the pickax is not available until you get steel knowledge.