BUG: QA have suffered! achievement (Steam)

I’ve just finished the game yesterday on Very Hard + Iron Mutant and got “Still too easy!!!” but not this one. No one on my team died.

I am not too crazy about achievements, but I still like them and the only reason I decided to tackle Iron Mutant at all was to try to get that achievement… Now it feels like I wasted quite a bit of time for nothing. I enjoyed the game a lot, but if I knew I wouldn’t be able to get that achievement, I would have played without Iron Mutant mode and would have had much more fun playing, to be honest. Iron Mutant did extend my playthrough by a lot and made me curse more than a few times.

The only reward I see in Very Hard + Iron Mode is obtaining that achievement and somehow it didn’t work…

I can imagine this is very frustrating. We will take a look into it.