Tough Nut achievement Xbox

I finished the DLC on Iron Mutant on normal difficulty but didn’t get the achievement.
The description clearly and only states to finish on Iron Mutant.
I read in the Steam forums that someone got it playing on Iron Mutant on very hard.
I really loved what you created but now I’m on my
5th playthrough thanks to the lack of information.
Could you please clarify what the requirements are?

Hello @uhKillswitch, welcome to the forums!

We’ll forward this information to the developer so that this can be looked into, as there might be an issue with the achievement unlocking. Did you start the DLC through a previous base game completion or from scratch?

Thank you and thanks for getting back to me.
I played through a new game from scratch on Normal Iron Mutant without having the DLC installed but with the latest update and after finishing my playthrough installed the DLC and started the Seed Of Evil campaign

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It’s been 6 days and I don’t wanna come over impatient but as a publisher/developer it shouldn’t be too hard to know what the requirements for this achievement are.
Any news?

Got the same Problem with the Ps4 Version. I Started only the dlc on normal difficulty and Iron Mutant.
But i didnt kill every enemy in all areas, dont know if that matters?

Yesterday there was an Update to Version 1.11 and today i killed the tree jyko.

I would be grateful for help/Information to get the last missing trophy :slight_smile:

Hey there, this issue is still being looked into, apologies for the frustration!