Tough Nut achievement Xbox

I finished the DLC on Iron Mutant on normal difficulty but didn’t get the achievement.
The description clearly and only states to finish on Iron Mutant.
I read in the Steam forums that someone got it playing on Iron Mutant on very hard.
I really loved what you created but now I’m on my
5th playthrough thanks to the lack of information.
Could you please clarify what the requirements are?

Hello @uhKillswitch, welcome to the forums!

We’ll forward this information to the developer so that this can be looked into, as there might be an issue with the achievement unlocking. Did you start the DLC through a previous base game completion or from scratch?

Thank you and thanks for getting back to me.
I played through a new game from scratch on Normal Iron Mutant without having the DLC installed but with the latest update and after finishing my playthrough installed the DLC and started the Seed Of Evil campaign

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It’s been 6 days and I don’t wanna come over impatient but as a publisher/developer it shouldn’t be too hard to know what the requirements for this achievement are.
Any news?

Got the same Problem with the Ps4 Version. I Started only the dlc on normal difficulty and Iron Mutant.
But i didnt kill every enemy in all areas, dont know if that matters?

Yesterday there was an Update to Version 1.11 and today i killed the tree jyko.

I would be grateful for help/Information to get the last missing trophy :slight_smile:

Hey there, this issue is still being looked into, apologies for the frustration!

I can now confirm that you need to beat the DLC on Iron Mutant, Very Hard indeed to unlock the Tough Nut achievement/trophy.
I really enjoyed the game you created. It is amazing but the communication towards your paying customers is just pathetic.
Most of the topics I read try to stall people to “just” wait a little bit longer. The issue is being “looked into”.
A simple question as to what the requirements for an achievement are takes you more than two weeks without an answer?!
The launch and the support of your DLC has been a disaster and I get the feeling that you guys didn’t try or simply don’t want to improve your way of communicating with people in an accaptable way.
WE spend money on YOUR product so maybe start treating us with more respect.
After being amazed by the core game I bought your DLC without hesitation or knowing anything about it but after having seen how you failed in every possible way I will think twice before I ever buy any of your products.

just some venting at how terrible the support section of this forum is


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We appreciate your constructive feedback and will try to improve our communication in the future.

To further clarify on this situation, the issue had been registered and was being looked into as the achievement should unlock no matter the difficulty, as the description doesn’t specify difficulty as a requirement.

We’ve recently received confirmation that it will be addressed in an upcoming patch to reflect the above, and we apologize for the frustration the issue has brought you, as well as the fact that we didn’t get hold of this information within a reasonable time.

In any case, congratulations on earning it on Very Hard, we’re happy to know that you’ve enjoyed the game and we truly appreciate your support!

So when does the trophy will be fixed? Saw the Download of the 1.12 Version on Ps4 and read in a steamforum that the tough nut bug is fixed so i completed the dlc on iron mutant Mode in normal difficulty but i didnt got the stupid trophy…why Not? I‘m getting mad by the same playthroughs withour getting the archievement…

Any news on when and if the patch fixing the achievement is gonna hit.
I have a solutionen opened on trying to inform people.
Would be great to hearing from you again.
Thanks in advance.

I might quote you from 21 days ago just 4 posts above my last:

“We appreciate your constructive feedback and will try to improve our communication in the future.”

I asked for more information 4 days ago and you guys couldn’t even bother to give at least another generic answer like “we’re further looking into it”.

Are you forgetting that most of the people here asking for help are paying costumers?

If you guys are really trying to improve anything I’m really having trouble in seeing you trying. You really need to step up your game, seriously!

Apologies for the delay in our response, the fix was already issued for the PC version, as you can see in the patch notes below:

We’ve recently got confirmation that the issue will be address for the consoles in the next hot fix ( together with other several remaining issues ), although we’re unable to offer any ETA as it’s still undergoing testing.

Since there was a new update for the game yesterday for Xbox, people on are asking if this patch fixed the requirements for the Tough Nut achievement.
As mine is already unlocked I can’t try or confirm it myself.
It would be great if you guys could let me know.
Thanks in advance.

Hello, that issue has been addressed as per the patch notes below:

Thanks a lot for letting us know. And thanks for finally fixing this.
Does the achievement unlock retroactively now or do you need to beat the final boss again?

Happy to help! You’ll likely have to beat the boss for it to trigger.