Bug Report: AoS Battle Pass Saddles Incorrect Stats and Costs (Age of Sorcery Ch3)

Basic Info:

Platform: Steam
Issue Type: Battle Pass
Map: Exiled Lands
Mods: none

Bug Description:

The saddles introduced through BP1 and BP3 do not properly conform to the base game’s saddle system or the previous DLC saddles. Their stats and material costs do not match their types. BP3’s “Turanian Nomad Saddle” is the most offensive of the two, being a clone of the low tier lvl 20 Warhorse Saddle Light but requiring the expensive materials of a level 60 saddle. Full description of their problems below.

Bug Reproduction:

Compare the BP saddles with the base-game or DLC saddle counterparts.

The base game establishes three types of saddles at the highest tier: Savage Cavalry Saddle, Aquillonian Scout Saddle, and Warhorse Saddle Heavy. These base game saddles make the Cavalry type (Speed bonus, Hardened Leather cost), the Scout type (Maneuverability bonus, Layered Silk cost), and the Warhorse type (Defense bonus, Hardened Steel cost). The saddles introduced by DLCs conform to these types, such as the Argossean Cavalry Saddle, Argossean Scout Saddle, and Argossean Warhorse Saddle.

BP1 introduced the Gurnakhi Saddle. It has the cost and description of a Warhorse type (Defence), but it’s stats and performance are actually that of Scout type (Maneuverability).

BP3 introduced the Turanian Nomad Saddle. It has the cost of a Cavalry type (Speed), the description of a Warhorse type (Defense), but it’s stats and performance are that of the lowest tier saddle “Warhorse Saddle Light,” which doesn’t have the stats of any of the three lvl 60 saddle types. A player has to spend a huge amount of expensive resources (60 Hardened Leather) to get a lvl 20 saddle that is supposed to only cost 68 iron bars and some leather.

Those are the two with problems. BP2 introduced the Ophidian Magi Saddle & Barding. It has the cost and description of a Warhorse type (Defence), and it’s stats and performance are that of the Warhorse type. This one is fine!

Pictured below is a comparison of the types, their costs, and their stats.

I only have Battle Pass saddles. Black Lotus Bazaar saddles might also have their own issues.

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