Ophidian saddle

Ophidian magi battle pass and ophidian cultist bazar
Are two exactly same horse saddles. Didn’t even change the color exept a tiny strip on the back.
If thats for players who missed the battle pass, then thats great. But its not good for anyone who already own one from battle pass.
If you dont want to put any effort into making a new saddle or make significant changes to it.
Then just sell it same as in battle pass.

Its not good how expensive things in bazar are.
But its horrible how you selling same stuff under diffrent name and tiny amount of color change.


I completely understand your POV. However there are many folks that wanted BP materials recycled into the Bazaar.

Now the issue I see is because they changed one color in the saddle, they are expecting everyone to pay full price for the set that is a mix of older BP items and new items. That is used-car sleazy and need to be pointed out as such in their meetings. Yes its shaming a coworker but it’s a shameful idea to require full development cost on an item that you tweaked a color so that you can claim “new” vs the original.


It is almost as requested, just like the BP items except for a marginal change.

Something for those who missed the BP while protecting the “exclusivity” for the people who throw tantrums about that.

The only people adversely impacted are those who bought both from Bazaar and BP and weren’t fixated in what other people have.

Joking aside, the mace doesn’t look much different either. Only the Robe really seems to have a distinct quality.
So time to wait for the robe to appear in a different bundle or stand alone.
The inability to take a close look at items in the Bazaar is, as it has been for years now, annoying.


It is incredibly sleazy. And kept me from buying that pack as I already have the saddle basically. Was not up for paying for it twice. What they jolly well need to do is put the battlepass items on sale in the bazaar as individual items and clearly mark them as such. I promise not to pout that other people will be able to get the same shinies I have from completing previous battlepasses. Indeed, I am among those who are glad the damn things are gone.


Funcom can’t be trusted with anything at this point


I pretty much feel the same way. Which is why I won’t be buying Dune.


Sadly, this shouldn’t be news.

There was a devstream years ago, well before the Tencent acquisition, where, in the same clucking series of questions, there were curious answers.

In response to why those on consoles, despite at the time being the majority of players, were always lagging behind on updates and were generally the unwanted step children
“I play on console”
Later, when asked about a QoL feature
“There’s a mod for that”

This one brings this exchange up because it informed how little this one has trusted the utterances from on high since. It’s one of many examples, and one more telling than just missing a target release date, as to what to expect.

Do a bit of digging into previous Funcom properties and patterns start to emerge.
While unfortunate, this is nothing new.
Any time that things have occured with dignity and sincerity seem to be the anomalies.
As unfortunate as it is unsurprising.


Oh gawd…I remember that one and totally dismissed it even if I did tilt the head in confusion when referencing mods…actually I remember flipping my computer monitor the bird when they said that.


To be fair, Bethesda has made bank relying on Modders to finish their games, so should we just consider it an abhorrent industry standard at this interval?

Which, bringing it back on topic, there is something of a standard in the industry to have different costumes or such with only the tiniest of alterations being billed as entirely new merchandise, isn’t there?

Perhaps the real issue is we are being contaminated by the source material.
Conan would either laugh at and never give a second thought to a merchant that tried to swindle him so, or, If pressed, he might split their skull.
So there’s a disconnect when the structure doesn’t match the topic.
This discordance can be uncomfortable.



Without even trying to be apologetic towards Funcom, the obvious is still the obvious. The price for an armor set (5 pieces) is:

(-250) → 1,000 ← (+250)

So basically, they just introduced a 3rd Ophidian Armor.

If you already have all of it from the BP – well… there were already less exciting armors in the Bazaar. So all in all, it’s a compromise, a new armor + slight variations of the BP stuff. Expensive… yeah, fair… depending on one’s point of view – to me, nice as I already liked at least the short skirt.

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Hello everybody

I come to share my point of view here concerning a point which seems important to me.
First of all, this is my point of view, please respect it, I do not hold the truth and I could be wrong.
This is essentially the interpretation of my view as an external consumer.

I finally had the opportunity to test the battlepass

1 Battle pass

This is the most attractive pricing option.
Your hours of play are remunerated.
For 1200 Crom, you get 2400, if you complete your objective.
Your gaming hours are important, because they allow better referencing of the game.
And so you are, in a way, “paid.”

2 Bazar

The prices appear to correspond to compensation.
You don’t have time to play, you pay a high price.

Still from my point of view, I find the prices excessive, but I don’t know the parameters, the economic situation of the game and much less his macro, so I consider this to be irrelevant.

Now, justifying any item advantage gained via either method just seems ridiculous to me.

That being said, I hope my translation is correct, please correct me if this is not the case.

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Nah I think it’s just lazy leveraging and since they will try to package these newer things with the tweaked BP items, we are stuck paying the full pricing structure regardless of your tenure with the game and the old BP system.

If the dev team is lurking, I will say that what you did to tweak the curio cabinet and the abyssal hound was worth the consideration to be “new” in the ancestral knowledge and therefore separated in pricing. Color swapping is BS and you know it.


Hit the nail on the head there. The complaint isn’t about spending money, it’s about subtle dishonesty.

The rest of this post is an explanation aimed at those who missed this point, either because of the language barrier, or because of their penchant for missing that point in their hurry to preach at us. If you already understand that we’re talking about selling the same saddle twice, and if you’re not one of those people who hear the word “FOMO” and immediately jump to defend the poor corporation (and the sacred edifice of capitalism for extra points), you can skip the rest.

The differences between the Ophidian Cultist saddle and Ophidian Magi saddle are vanishingly small. It’s literally a reskin and I suspect even @DeaconElie would agree. And yet it’s implemented as a separate item, for which there’s a separate entitlement (in the technical sense of the word) in the FLS database.

What this means, in practical terms, is that if you own the Ophidian Magi saddle, you don’t automatically own Ophidian Cultist saddle. You don’t get the same price reduction you would get on, say, Steam when you buy a bundle that includes something that you already own. The tiny reskin is there to prop up this fiction that we’re dealing with two different items.

So now you have two groups of people who got shafted by this. One group feels cheated by having to pay for something they already have just because they want the rest of the items in the bundle. The other group feels cheated because they want to keep their BP stuff exclusive.

What these groups have in common is that they both recognize that the differences between these two saddles are mere pretense, and it’s essentially the same item. And it’s this pretense that grates on people.

Was it by intention or was it just the unwillingness to spend more time and effort to make the new saddle different enough? Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.


“What need we fear? Who knows it
when none can call our power to account?”

Something I think is relevant here if you can follow my abstract thoughts.


Yeah I’m starting to learn the patterns

Its kinda sad, Conan Exiles is the only game I joined te forums of because I loved the game so much.

But they teaching me the hard way they don’t wanna be loved :')


If they want to put battle pass stuff for sale in bazar. Its okay. Although its not fair. In battle pass you got bunch of stuff for 1200cc. When in bazar its very expensive.
But it is not good to change little bit of color of battle pass stuff and sell it as a new stuff in bazar. Because now who owns the battle pass stuff can also buy bazar stuff and ends up with two same stuff. Only slightly difference in color.

Funcom team, arent you ashamed of doing this?
If you put yourselves in my shoes. Would you be happy?

I’d be less upset if it was a different type of saddle, like cavalry or scout or something.

Its almost like they stop armor dye system and start reselling same armors with different colors

Does anyone own the saddle from the bazaar? I’d like to see a clear image of it to compare rather than just take anyone’s word for it that it is the same saddle.

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