Bug report ps5 game status unplayable

Ps5/ps4 private server

Server name: the crown of Aqulonia

Missing textures for dlcs including aqulonian, yamatai, debaucherys of derketo, arena, fronter, khitan, turian and all associated placables all are rendering invisable, also game freezing and crashing while performing sorcery, missing hyena textures, missing armor textures associated with the aforementioned dlcs, even sorcerer armor textures are missing or invisible also hair styles are rendering invisible on some players characters while some are fine… ive restored licenses that is not the problem…

Steps to replicate the issue: log into the game on my private server all players in server are experiencing the exact same issues

Add turian (at least the gate door) to that list.

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Yeah not a good look for the game i know ill lose players over this.

Hello there everyone!

Thank you for taking the time to report this to us @Starcrushex!

Missing textures for DLC’s and other rendering situations were addressed on our 3.0.1 patch (patch notes can be found here).

However, if this continues to occur after patching the game, please do let us know!

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