Conan Exiles *NEW* update 1.79 textures not there

Game mode: Online (Private)

Type of issue: Bug

Server type: * PvE

Region: West-Central

Hardware: PS5 Update - (22.01- - Game Version - 1.79

Bug Desription:

Booted up to see all the new stuff with the new large update that took 2 hours to finish - but the very first thing i noticed is all of my DLC building pieces and furniture textures are gone. I can still physically walk up the stairs or use the crafting tables but they are rendered invisible. they’re still an object on the field i just cant see them. On top of that, the Vault which isnt a DLC as far as im aware is ONLY missing the giant door. The stone corners are still there.

Expected Behavior:

I’ve been playing frequently for the past few months, i love the game. Have not had any problems whatsoever regarding my building pieces up until now - theyre still usable, just gone. Expected my home and all the things I’ve built to be there as they always have been.

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Same thing on my wife’s and l private server arena is invisible lattice panels thankfully we used multiple Dlc pieces

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