BUG shell pets since last patch of may 12th

Hi there,

I already done a petition and an email Funcom Support #1140157 to get a GM online as i cant play anymore and i got no answer .since 10 days … I cant play so why i havent an answer that took 5 mins to read and check the issue. I dont want to wait 1 year :(.

please wake up and check your mails at Funcom ? I am a customer since 17 years … can I get some respect and get an answer ?

I will explain you the complex situation in details.
I was in fight in Reck playfield against Abandoned Hope, using Widowmaker220 and and dog M60 pets.The server went down …
When I relog , without any pets , I have tried to cast the 2 nanos for the pets 220 and 219 (named above) , the system said « you already have those SHELLS’ » , but that is the bug I dont have those shell , no where , not in inventory , not in bag , not in bank , no where .
I have deleted and fully reinstalled the game, the bug is still there , my others toons with pets eg crat and MP haven’t this bug . I think its due to the server down maintenance crashing my toon .
At last but not the list I have tried to attack or terminate , thinking a window bug , system said « you have no pets » . I have lso tried to fill up my inventory and when casting nanos , shell do not appear in overflow … So in summary , i cant do shell, and i have no pets anymore . So i cant play my end setup engie with high QL nodrop on it …. I hope you will solve this major bug.
As a remark, u must notice than I cant wait many years w/o any solution
Thank you very much

Bump even if it is fun to see a 200 crat with ql 90 pet