BUG: The Abysmal Remnant Flies!

If the devs could, would you check the Abysmal Remant. He doesn’t seem to be moving around like he should. See the attached screenshot.

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Hey @Befallen

We’re aware of this issue and our team is looking into it.
Thanks for your feedback.


This is interesting. I thought a few of my placeables were also “hovering” last night but didnt get to play too much as well I have serval mods and its snowing updates for them right now… LOL I wonder if my situation and hti sis related.
Ignasis by any chance did the recent patch/update [Seriolsly d-i-n-k is censored? What obscure s-m-u-t does that refer to? I thought it was harmless!? It is possible to censor ALL communication out with this kind of Zeal you know?] with the Height maps at all? Would explain much to me?

Old bug comes back with every single update, seems the devs have no clue how to fix it and keep it fixed. Geeze every single update the poor worm is broke.

Ahahaha he is broken again huh :sweat_smile:
If you are on a modded server with pippi you might be able to spawn it in and find a fix/workaround yourself xD

This is a different issue. It affects some AI entities that are below the ground, not only the Abyssal Remnant. We’ve identified the issue and it’s being looked into.


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