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one day that passes the will to stop playing this game, are many bugs. many even.
Passengers looking for the main carrier, when meeting and the dome. he dies with me inside my own house. without any reason.
not enough to stir the vital blood. I spent several days looking for her, too. and when a determinant does that @#$%!.
honestly the game only comes to disappoint me and my friends. that one day will stop playing.
I honestly regret buying the dlc I bought.
JhonSnow clan winterfel
official server 3522 ps4

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Hello @Junior, welcome to the community!

It’s unfortunate that you’re unhappy with your current in-game experience, however, we would appreciate if you could try to explain what exactly happened with more detail. Did you happen to have one of your Thralls die inside your house while you also died?

Also, please note that you’re playing on a PvE-Conflict server, so other players could’ve killed your Thrall and your character as well.

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he died following me into the my house secure zone. without explanation.
I did not die
only thrall Narr Goatfoot died!

Where is your house located?

square 11 f/g

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