Bug: Treasure stuck at elevator

Basic Info:

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Map: Exiled Lands
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Bug Description:

I was able to obtain a golden Derketo-cat treasure by negotiating with some black hands at the galeon. I walked it all over to the base, but then I stepped on an elevator inside my base and the game crashed (happens quite often nowadays). When I was back on, The treasure was still on the elevator, but I wasnt able to interact with it. Additionally, the treasure wasnt attached to the elevator cabin, so when I called it down, the cat was hovering in the air. Last but not least I tried to get the treasure down, by deleting the elevator, but now the treasure cat is just flying at the same spot, while I cant re-attach the elevator at the spot it was before.
A server restart solved the problem with the flying treasure- now its gone, and I walked the whole way in vain…

Bug Reproduction:

Obtained a heroic Treasure; Walked to my base; used an elevator when the game crashed; Treasure-cat is now glued on the spot where the elevator cabin floor was, even when the elevator got deleted.

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