Vanishing Treasure

So far, I have put 6 heroic treasures (two of each type) into my treasure room. None have survived the night. They are just gone when I log in the next day. I am sure that I am left-clicking and placing them correctly. They do register in the book after I place them, but vanish from the book too.

Additionally, the “Explore the Well of Skelos” journey step in Dungeon Delver won’t tick off, no matter how many times I defeat the Degenerate.

Can these issues be addressed? Thanks!

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I had one legendary treasure fall through the floor and land on the ground beneath. it is now inaccessible as I am guessing it has fallen outside the treasure sphere.

Originally Placed on Yamatai ceiling tile.

Mine were on Black Ice ceiling. And two more Lemurian statues just vanished. This is not worth the effort…

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I was able finally to recover the treasure. Are you able to access the ground beneath your structure? they may be resting there beneath your ceiling tiles.

but, I agree this is an issue that apparently didn’t come up in the test servers and makes the effort of engaging with the treasure very frustrating

Nope. My room isn’t on ground level. Nothing is in the rooms below

hmm don’t know what else to suggest while we await a resolution. my ‘treasure room’ is an elevated structure hanging off a cliff. the treasure ended up on the ground at the base of the cliff.

Ok, NOW they appeared on my first floor. Gotta carry them back up

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