BUG Undead Minions food stats

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: : PvP
Region: 1595

Undead Minions food buff get stuck on whatever you feed it first.

You set the minion you give it Putrid Meat increasing the chance to level +7 Str +7 Agi

You remove the putrid meat and then give it Ash to eat which should give it +14 str but instead remains the previous food stat of 7 and 7

Time, depleating food source, leveling do not seem to alter this behavior. It’s possible this is just a tool tip error and in fact they are getting the correct stats but not knowing what your feeding your minion makes it difficult raise it up the way you want.

As a matter of fact it is not matter of undead minion: Bug Report on Testlive
As you can see no one was interested in, despite of detailed description of bug… as i suspected before posting this report :expressionless:
I can only add a workaround for this: You have to level up pet (take all food from him before). Then use only food that give one +14% buff for stat - it’s really better in long term and doesn’t lock buffs.

You should be able to switch the buff by giving your follower the new food and then letting it take some damage:

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Bear in mind I haven’t don’t any pet leveling, but I would think that would work on them as well. One of my clan mates took a legion warrior as one of his personal thralls and I think he switched the % buff at one point.

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This issue is specific to the Undead with the assumption they are supposed to function the same as Thralls and Pets. They are not changing the buff regardless of taking damage, leveling, server reset.

I considered that they may not have entered in different food buff values but on placing a new minion and giving it raw ash it got the 14% str buff. The issue is that you can’t change the buff once you give it one of the combination stat foods. And since thralls are random they often require multiple food types while they level to optimize.

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I’ll have to ask my clan mate, and I’ll take a look myself if I get the chance, but yes there is no reason that the undead shouldn’t act like any other thrall.

Ran into this issue as well. But it’s weird…

On a level 0 Ostrich, I can switch the food and the bonus’s will switch along with it.

However, when I tried to change the stats on my level 19 Ostrich, it would not take. No matter what food I gave it, the bonus’s stayed at the first food I gave it. Until it leveled.

Upon further testing it seems the bug is specific to certian foods Putrid Meat 7str 7agi and Black Lotus 7Str 7Acc as long as you avoid those foods the others seem to work as normal.

This applies specifically to Legion Warrior, Wight and Undead Monstrosity on official.

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Why would they even add a food that increases Accuracy in a pet? SMH

Hi @Lazarus, welcome to the community!

We’ll be sure to register this issue for the team to look into, thank you for bringing it up.

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