BUG: Using warpaint from your hotbar deletes an armor piece

TestLive Dedicated Client
TestLive Private Server (no mods)
Revision #284326/28736

It is still an issue in 2.4:

I can confirm this. It appears the equipment slots are related in a way as following:
placing a warpaint on quickbar 4 and pressing it twice will always remove the helmet
chest 5
gloves 6
legs 7
boots 8

quickbar button 1 2 3 does nothing in this regard.

However i got something interesting as tests go:
I used a warpaint from inventory.
placed a new warpaint on quick bar
used the warpaint from the quickbar
the warpaint from the quickbar failed to overwrite the warpaint I was wearing
the warpaint I was wearing got unequipped and placed in the first free slot in my inventory
There’s some funny business going on.

This works for all pieces of armor and for all warpaints. I think the issue is entirely with the warpaints and how they behave.


The warpaint from the quickbar didn’t fail, It just didn’t get consumed. It changed from a durability-like bar to a timer as the other warpaint went into your first slot. However, you can see on your chin and hands that it was successfully equipped under your armor. Definitely some funny business (as you said).

Hey @Narelle, this issue is registered and confirmed, although there has been no fix introduced in 2.4 we hope to address it as soon as possible.

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