Warpaint Removal Deleting Random Armor Bug

Game mode: Online Private
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PVP
Region: America

Activating and then deactivating Warpaint - Support deletes a random armor item. Epic Flawless Heavy Gauntlets from the Epic Heavy armor set and the Relic Hunter Shirt from the Relic Hunter armor set. Initially I tried testing to replicate in single player but was unable to replicate the issue there and can only replicate it on the private server I play on. We have no mods of any kind and are a default setup for all server settings. From what I can see with a bit of searching it seems that a similar bug was reported a couple of weeks ago, but I figured I would log a bug report just to be sure.

  1. Equip Armor set
  2. Place Warpaint - Support on hotbar.
  3. Activate Warpaint - Support.
  4. Deactivate Warpaint - Support.
  5. Item vanishes from equipment slot within 2-3 seconds maximum and doesn’t reappear in inventory or as a dropped item bag.

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Could you let us know first if there is any mods installed in the server you’re playing that could explain this issue?
Otherwise we can relay the problem to our team.

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No mods of any kind are installed on the server.

I’ve just helped a random player struggling with this on my server. It seeems like every time he’d put a warpaint, his pants would disappear.

The server was using pippi and fashionist, however the other fellow from this thread seems to be playing on vanilla

I can provide more details on reproducing this bug, as I was getting ready to report it. :slight_smile:

Activating and deactivating War Paints in the 1-8 hot bar item slots can permanently erase equipped gear from your character. Using slot 5 will erase your currently equipped Torso piece. Slot 7 erases your Leggings and so forth. Each slot consistently destroys the same piece of gear, unless nothing is equipped in the corresponding slot. This can also destroy and 1h object being held in your main or off hand, but does not seem to effect 2h weapons.

This bug is present in the latest patch with no mods. Here’s a complete list of equipped items destroyed when you deactivate a war paint in each slot of the hot bar, in case that helps any:
Slot 1 = No visible effect
Slot 2 = Destroys equipped Main Hand; 1h Weapons, Tools
Slot 3 = Destroys equipped Offhand; Torches, Shields, Throwing Weapons
Slot 4 = Destroys equipped Head armor
Slot 5 = Destroys equipped Torso armor
Slot 6 = Destroys equipped Hands armor
Slot 7 = Destroys equipped Leggings armor
Slot 8 = Destroys equipped Feet armor


Hey again,

Thanks for the clarification and added details. We’ve relayed this information to our team.
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