[BUG] Volcanic Forge (no slot for thrall)


There is no slot for thrall in the Volcanic forge. It’s necessary to craft exceptionnal and flawless obsidian weapons.

Anyone has the solution ?


up any support ?

Bumb for support


Can we get some support over here? It’s been 10 days since this issue was brought up… Would like to have some flawless obsidian weapons… as of right now FlawlessStarmetal>NormalObsidian

Not only is there not a spot for a thrall, the left side of the forge has hidden lava which insta-kills.

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The whole forge is a deathtrap. If you approach the workbench in the wrong way it can kill you. Couple that with no thrall slot and the Volcanic Forge is utterly useless at the moment.

Ah, then it’s not just me…

I brought my T4 thrall all the way from the forest zone to craft the exceptionel version of the 2h sword…

Does this have an ETA?

@DornLeBatisseur Hello! I am very sorry for the very late response. Can you please tell me the platform that you are having this issue on? Also, can you please post a screenshot of the issue? This will help tremendously in reporting the issue to the developers. Thank you!

Had that happen to me as well. Had no idea what killed me at first because it was so instant and came out of nowhere.

I don’t remember getting the message informing me what I was killed by either after I respawned

@saorsa the volcanic forge should work like the frost forge, its not intended to put thralls in it to make flawless. in sp admin panel you can spawn flawless obsidian, so my only guess is that the one that can craft flawless obsidian is a blacksmith coming with the purge in the volcano area, it can also be that its not fully implemented yet like the derketo priests.

@grunt I disagree on this, if you cant craft an item at your own house, then a thrall spot should be available to be able to craft exceptional and flawless items. This goes for both the frost and fire forges.

sry man, i wasnt suggesting that this is they way they should make it work. i was saying that (from what i got from devstreams and posts) that it is intended from the devs that you cant put a thrall in the frost and vulcanic forge, that means its not a bug, its intended. i sure would love it if it would be possible to place a thrall in this forges and agree with you . this forges take alot of time to craft things, the time you craft 2-3 items the mobs around it already respawn

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