Bug while trying to move itens

This started today after the update and its impossible to play while it lasts.

On xbox series s, after a while the objects cannot be moved to or from conteiners. Cant put itens on chests and sometimes cant withdraw them.


pc is the same, corrects with relog but yeah sucks relogging every 2 mins while trying to clear inv

Happening on pc as well, makes it actually unplayable

Had this on Xbox. Restarting fixes it for me, at least for a little while.

Got the same issue on Xbox series S. Inventory “rubberbanding” back if I try to store items. Tried multiple times with crates, metal box containers, etc. Can’t store golem parts, can’t store thralls or pets, can’t store armor and weapons—can’t store anything into regular containers!

The only containers I haven’t had the issue with are the ones that are specific storage, ie Blood Crystal Container, Woodcutting Container. Every other container rubberbands back into my inventory.

Ive been having this as well. I found an easy fix for it while mid game when u dont have time for a relog. If you drop ur entire inventory on the ground then pick up one by one without entering the bag but just by looking through. This has been handy during purges for example when i cant take one item specifically from the loot and have to drain the entire chest. Then u cant move it after as its glitches ur inventory but this has rectified it for me. I believe its something that gets in the inventory thats actually invisible and then doesnt let you move things around. I always seem to find something random in the dropped bag that i hadnt noticdd before.
Hope this helps

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