Storage does not work with some stuff

Some stuff, including thralls yet not placed cannot moved in-from boxes.
If you drop it down and then get from the ground can move in your inventary , but cannot use or move elsewere.

See other Thread here : Items stuck in inventory and cannot be moved - #2 by WaltZie


Any other examples of items that don’t transfer? I’d like to avoid any issues I can.

Experiencing the same. Cannot move one item from a chest. have to move all. this was only from the purge chest.
Cannot move a custom number of items by holding shift like before.
Also noticed that items in my hotbar and some from my vaults just disappeared.

Select ‘No Sorting’ or ‘Heaviest First’ and it will work

Bug report here: Cannot move/equip items when sorting by Type or by Name

The sorting of items was broken.

If you have the following errors:

  • You cannot put on any armor or put items from your inventory in boxes or workbenches (the item “flashes” and comes back);
  • You cannot dress or equip your character.

It is necessary to disable all sorting options in the inventory: select the “no sorting” option.
In your inventory, in the workbench, in the chest - everywhere. A mismatch of sorting leads to an incorrect definition of the subject.
Yes, the Funcom have broken everything again.

Sorting does not solve the problem. Does not work for any items …it’s random

Set Sorting “Unsorted” then use “double-click” to transfer stuff

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