Bug with avatar ymir

Game mode: [Offical: ]
Type of issue: [Bug:]
Server type: [PVP:]
Region: [Europe]

[Describe the bug here]

yestarday i craft “true name of ymir” and now craft and spawn is disable ???

Where and how did you try to use it? If possible, provide a step-by-step explanation as originally provided with the report form.

He needs confirmation if this is intended or a bug.

If he can use it then it’s unintended and hence an exploit so it’s good that he is cautious about openly giving too much more information…but instead wait for Ignasis to reply and then take it to private messages if more information is needed.

he crafted it and tried to use it on official. funcom are alerted because it shouldnt be possible. we are waiting for them to check.

same day on create in 6p.m for raid but is disable by admin and when i reading in forum i see its disable because of bug

Hey there,

God summoning is disabled, as we broadcasted in this announcement, until an issue with the god bubbles is fixed.
Apologies for the frustration.

but what happening with my god ??? he will despawn in 15hours

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