[Bug] Wrong Construction Stability

Game mode: Online private
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvP
Region: Washington US
Hardware: Xbox Series S

Bug Description:

*Building pieces stabilities are completely out of control. Some times it has more than 100, in this case 127, sometimes 0 but it’s still there, and all that supported by a 100 stability foundation. It never happened before, constructing on the same place in the same way. See the pictures for an example.


Expected Behavior:

The construction system should be consistent, 100 stability for whatever is supported by the terrain, and loosing 20 as it goes farther from the support, by each piece added

Steps to Reproduce:

This is not clear for me, what I can say is that I started to construct on the top of the tower on the left of the Highlands Dem, all the foundation are 100% stability, but some wall on the edge are going to 0 even if they were there, some stuff are going to 127% of stability, and others around 0

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