Bugged Mimir Z200 behaviour in Forbidden City



I have a bug which breaks my game (currently) as I am playing on Iron Mutant mode.
The case is that in Forbidden City one of (flying, spawned) Mimirs Z200 goes back to Mimir which spawned it - and it move like 3 or 4 times as far at once than when hunting for my party and right before it “docks” it falls into a loop which teleports it a few steps back to begin docking ad infinitum. I cannot reload previous save. I attepmpted reloading the game, and reinstalling - nothing seems to help.
I wanted to attach files so you could see what I am seeing - but as with save files I cannot upload images. :frowning:
Any help will be much appreciated.
Oh and I am playing Steam version.

Thank you!

Bump, the issue persists.

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