Bugged upgrade of Time of Kurak

Despite all ingredients being present, the Craft option to upgrade the tome of Kurak remains greyed out leaving my character unable to learn spells beyond the first upgrade.

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I’ve seen reports of an ongoing bug affecting sorcery stations where the craft option is greyed out.
Some say it has to do with certain attributes / perks (beast of burden), though this is just rumor as I haven’t personally seen the bug to confirm.
But basically it’s affecting all sorcery stations and certain people randomly cannot activate them even though their clan mates can. What I did hear is that if you try with admin mode turned on then it’ll be active regardless.
So if you’re playing single player, in the meantime what you can try is activate admin mode

I’m having this exact issue and apparently many, many people have been having it for MONTHS! You basically have to start a new character from scratch to “fix” it.

Come on Fun Com! How can you let something like this go for so long, especially since it’s a major addition to the game? Unbelievable.

No, that is NOT the same issue… this one is new and came with the Chapter 2 game update 5 days ago.

What you’re talking about is yellow lotus potion breaking your sorcery progression, which is a different topic.
With that there is NOTHING Funcom can do… no patch can fix that since the change is already saved in your database… short of them coming to your home and downloading the save from your console then editing it in a database software… there’s nothing they can do about it.

You can try some console commands though, there’s commands for learning all the spells for example… which is a bit of cheating and skips through the trial, but it gets around this bug without starting a new character.

I did eventually sort out the issue, and it does in part have to do with Beast of Burden builds. It doesn’t matter if you’re performing a ritual or just crafting something in any of the sorcery related benches, if you’re at 100% or more encumbrance you can’t do anything until you’ve reduced your encumbrance. It’s rather tiresome and annoying to make or find storage space just to craft.


If I had been playing solo or on a server I admin that may have been a possibility, but I’m playing on a server in which I don’t have that capability.

That’s a different issue though as you can see in that post :slight_smile:
Yours is a legit bug in the game that’s probably going to be fixed soon

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