Bugging out, cannot move

So I’m bugging out, every time I log on to official 3952 I can’t move and can only roll and it then glitches and takes me back to my original position, can anyone help me as it doesn’t happen on any other server

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Welcome to the Forum. You should file a report with Zendesk can find how in the introduction pages


Welcome m8. What is the region of this server and what is yours. What you experiencing is called rubber banding and most of the times is caused by high pings. I know this because though I am from Greece and playing from Greece apparently, I have great participation on American servers. So when my internet was low through line company issues, I had this effect a lot, especially in my first ten minutes of the game, since I had to many information in my base, like decorative, full chests, etc…
So did you check your pings before you log in?


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