Movement Bug/Glitch in Base "Rubberbandy"

Hi guys,

I am experiencing a “rubber-band laggy” effect.
The only way i can move around my base is by crouching.
I have tested my networks, restarted everything, this issue seems to persist
Also this occurred after i build/demolished and moved thralls around , also have videos if you guys need

Private Testlive
Bug | Performance

i have tested the Ping during these “emissions”

This issue was resolved the only way one can resolve issues:

me as well just rented a server with about 6 other players and I’m the only one that gets stuck in a “rubber band circle” its quite annoying hope for a fix soon

Yeah I have done my part in posting this and will update if this occurs again,

This is one of many threads telling the same story mate, you’re not alone. They must be aware of it, you’d hope. :slight_smile:

I have the same issue (I think). I play on official pvp, and every time I go near another player that isn’t in my clan, I start rubber banding like crazy. I can move around fine by dodging (Alt key). Re-logging doesn’t help, but if I venture into the map away from any bases, it seems to resolve itself eventually. Haven’t tried suicide yet.

I’ve messed with all the in-game settings and router/modem. Doesn’t seem to be an issue with my connection.