Rubberband and other issues

When is the rubber band issue going to be sorted as it’s at its highest I can’t even move hardly without being bounced back and forth it’s a really massive issue you need to sort ASAP you can’t teleport for risk of being killed when you do I struggle to walk round my base go through doors and Lao the elevators you have to press like 3 times before it responds I think before you have anymore dlc in future you should check to see the faults it causes I have been a long time player and quite frankly the game has gotten worse with each dlc or update shame really as was looking forward to buying the new map but as it stands I would much rather give my money to a homeless person


FunCom have confirmed that this is being worked on and will be released when it’s been checked, etc. I have found that rolling backwards and/or sideways whilst rubber-banding sometimes works. Not ideal obviously, but removing the bracelet also works. Sometimes if I just leave it for a bit then it stops too.

Yeah I’ve tried them just after wait for patch thanks for the reply and advise though

This issue needs more attention. I know they say they are working on it, but there are times i cant leave my base or ill be out and i keep getting rubberbanded to a fixed location even if i get 100 feet away from it at some points. It needs top priority, because sometimes i even have to log off a couple times for it to stop. I just wish theyd test more, is all.

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