Stuck in place, rubberbanding, official server

I’ve tried relogging.

I see this was an acknowledged bug going back 4-5 years. Any solution?


Had this a lot the past few days. The only solution for me was pulling bracelet and returning to gather corpse or summoning it.

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Usually, it targets the platform that handles mods. I pointed my finger at it, and the mod devs weren’t happy to see it. We can hope the fix is part of the next hotfix coming up (jan 16th?).

Put a ticket in. Server needs a restart. Or wait for the daily one to occur,

I’m sitting in my castle I’ll just hang there until it gets fixed. Although if the decay timer is doubled it’s not much of a concern. Hopefully my satellite base at mounds will still be there.

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This annoying bug ‘ve been around for a while now, thought they’d fix it by now.

It was reported in the bug section and nothing was done.

In case a dev see this post here is an example:

I logg in and was stuck on rubber band, started jumping around and got stuck in the air like that.
The only way out of this bug is removing bracelet and sometimes reloging.

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That doesn’t sound and look like a lag issue. Maybe that is why they were hesitant.

But yes, lag will do that in rubber banding. I would try to summon a pet, and hit it a few times.

Out of curiosity, did you log out on or near a bench or placeable? Seems to only happen to me if that is the case. Almost like the game can’t reconcile your position vs. the mesh of the object.

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I logged near some placeables yes (banquet table), and right immediately next to one of my cat pets.

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Ok so we’re narrowing it down. I would assume it is the case with most of the login + rubberbanding problems.

The worst part is that your horse and your thrall, no matter if you asked to keep great distances, from times to times they trap you AGAIN :confused:. I started carrying katana again!

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No, its not lag, its like you are stuck in something and it keep pulling you back. It get fixed as soon as you respawn after removing your bracelet. Reloging rarely fix it.

I thought it had something to do with that, or with the trees that used to be where i built/logged off but no matter where I log out, this bug will trigger like 70% of the time.

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Phantom objects, technically: Something isn’t in sync between the client and server, but the physics engine renders it like it is there, transparently.

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The only real solution is don’t play on official servers. They are constantly over run by spammers who cause lag and are poorly managed by Funcom. FC doesn’t have enough staff to properly administer the servers they have.

Or maybe FC could upgrade the servers. I mean it’s worth a shot…

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This is true of PVE and PVE-C servers for the most part.

ToC update a few years ago at least addressed most spam on PVP. No issues on the server I am on with that but GPortal servers are just trash in general.

I stay away from official servers, as i learned to loathe corpse runs way back in Everquest. I still keep getting rubberbanding regularly, although some servers seem more prone to being affected than others.

I got unplayable rubberbanding and lag when the game was installed on a HDD, but on an external SSD/SSD or M.2 SSD I’ve had no rubberbanding at all.

Is your game on a HDD?

I haven’t played a game off an HDD since like 2014.