PC - Official PVP - Rubber Banding Occurring With Proximity to Non-CLan Member Player

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: Bug
Region: [Here]

Beginning on the third day after launch, I approached a player base built inside one of the northern aqueduct towers. I started rubber-banding once I was within 100 feet of base. Was able to move without rubber-banding by using the dodge (default left Alt key) movement.

Attempted to change multiple game settings with not resolution. By walking and dodging, I was able to venture into the map away from player structures. Rubber-banding eventually stopped.

After this first occurrence, any time I approach (within 100 feet-ish) another player that is not in my clan, I begin rubber-banding again. By dodging and sometimes walking, I am able to go out into the wilderness away from player structures to resolve after a period of time (1-5 minutes).

Prior to the first occurrence, I had no issues interacting with other players or player structures.

Possible that the base I approached that initiated this issue is built in an area that should not allow player structures (within the base of the tower). I’ve seen reference to bugs regarding bases built within these towers but I can’t confirm this is an issue in this case.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Log into official pvp server 1589 and join/create a clan
  2. Locate main entrance to spider queen cave (The Spider Den? - has fang-like rock outcropping around entrance)
  3. Note - Almost directly above the cave entrance is a pillar supporting the Northern Aqueduct.
  4. Follow the Northern Aqueduct north to the next support pillar (This pillar has an entrance with stairs that face West)
  5. Note - there is a player base built within this pillar
  6. Approach the entrance to the pillar/player base
  7. Graphics begin to stutter and rubber-banding will occur
  8. Walking will allow some movement without rubber-banding, and dodging will avoid all rubber banding
  9. Venture into the wilderness away from player structures
  10. After waiting 1-5 minutes, rubber banding with cease
  11. Locate another player who is not in your clan and approach them
  12. Rubber-banding with begin again once you get near the player